Pixlr for Photo Editing



Fig 1.  Picture is from website at https://pixlr.com/

I had about 100 pictures that I wanted to edit in some way.  I could not find a great way to do the editing with Microsoft’s Paint so I went online and asked for recommendations from my groups. 

I received lots of recommendations.  The one that seems the easiest and has the best formatting choices for me is a great free software called PIXLR. 

Pixlr provides you with a wide range of choices for using the software as noted below in Fig 2.


Fig 2. shows the different choices on the Pixlr site.

I use the desktop version which has lots of editing features as you can see in Fig 3.


Fig 3. shows the different editing features in Pixlr desktop.

The blog at http://pixlr.com/blog/ has lots of information on it as well as different contests. 

Until I finish going through all my photos, I will not be entering any contests. 


How To Delete Hiberfil.sys in Windows 10


I have been running Windows 10 Pro since I did the install at the end of July.  Since that time, I have seen my hard drive fill up without me adding files.  This is suspicious behaviour.  When I looked at my drive, I had two files that were both 6.3 GB.  One file was the pagefile.sys and the other was the hiberfil.sys.

I Googled the Hiberfil.sys and found a great article at How To Geek that explains what the hiberfil.sys is and why you may, or may not, need it.  It also explains how to disable or delete the hiberfil.sys. 

I chose to delete the file.  Here are the instructions for doing that.

You’ll need to open an administrator mode command prompt by right-clicking on the command prompt in the start menu, and then choosing Run as Administrator. Once you’re there, type in the following command:

powercfg -h off

Picture from How To Geek’s article on “What is Hiverfil.sys and How Do I Delete It

I immediately freed up the space which is great because I have more room to run Hyper-V.

More on Dynamics CRM 2016 Features


From http://www.zdnet.com/article/microsoft-takes-the-wraps-off-its-dynamics-crm-2016-feature-list/?tag=nl.e505&s_cid=e505&ttag=e505&ftag=TRE0fb9d06 

On the updated list of new features coming to Dynamics CRM 2016and the rest of the Fall wave later this year:

  • More new Cortana integrations (beyond what’s there already in Dynamics CRM) with sales activities
  • Tighter integration with the Cortana Analytics Suite
  • More use of Azure Machine Learning for sentiment analysis in Microsoft Social Engagement
  • Offline mobile capabilities
  • Better mobile app management with Intune
  • New Excel templates for automating many core tasks
  • Next release of Microsoft’s CRM app for Outlook that will allow users to track emails, add contacts and create records through the browser on PCs or Macs or mobile browser on a phone
  • Integrated Delve functionality
  • Ability to open Office apps within CRM or CRM mobile app

The company also plans to bring the field-service capabilities it acquired when it bought FieldOne this past July together with the knowledge management and self-service capabilities it has added to its CRM family via it 2014 Parature acquisition, official said.

Dynamics CRM 2016 Available in Q4 2015


Dynamics CRM 2016 will be generally available in the fourth quarter of this year, delivering the “the most comprehensive upgrade ever” for the platform, Microsoft announced on Tuesday.  See the announcement at http://news.microsoft.com/2015/09/08/microsoft-reinvents-productivity-with-upcoming-release-of-customer-engagement-solution/.

The new enhancements are designed to:

  • increase productivity for organizations by providing a simple and seamless experience across their Dynamics CRM application
  • easier integration with email (there will be a CRM app inside Outlook),
  • easier integration with Excel and Dynamics CRM 2016 will offer an enhanced Excel experience including new Excel templates to automate tasks such as managing sales forecasts, for example.
  • easier integration with OneDrive for Business for easier task management,
  • an enhanced mobile experience for the worker on the go, and,
  • enriched data and analytics,

Businesses will benefit from this new version of CRM.

Windows 10 Uses New Drivers


When technology changes such as a Windows upgrade, often, the drivers required to run the software also change.  I ran into that issue with my video adapter and network card.   If you want to get a good listing of all of the Windows Drivers that are available, check out  Windows 10 Update article “Windows 10 Drivers”.  http://www.windows10update.com/windows-10-drivers/

Google and How to Put Your Music Collection Online and Access It From Any Device


From the article….

Music streaming is the hot new thing, with many services offering access to millions of songs for a monthly fee. If you have your own music collection on your computer, you can put it online and stream it from anywhere — free. 

See more at:


Chrome improvements for a faster and more efficient web

image      Speed is one of the founding principles of Chrome. As the web evolves and sites take advantage of increasing capabilities, Chrome’s performance—how fast pages load, how smooth scrolling is, how much memory is consumed, and how long your battery lasts—becomes even more important. So in the latest release of Chrome we’ve included a ton of improvements to make your browsing use less memory and power.

See more at http://chrome.blogspot.ca/2015/09/chrome-improvements-for-faster-and-more.html

How To Synch OneDrive Folders and Your Computer


I use OneDrive to keep track of all those files that I may want to pull up on my computer, iPad, or Samsung Galaxy phone.  You can sign up for OneDrive at https://onedrive.live.com.  I also use it to share files with my family and friends.

You can add folders shared with you to your OneDrive so they sync down to your computer. They’ll look like any other folder, but when you edit files in shared folders the changes will show up to everyone else with permission for that folder.

Here’s how it works:

1 Go to your Shared list on OneDrive.‍com to check if folder(s) have been shared to you with the ability to edit.  If there are none, create a folder and share it with edit permissions to your friends.

2 From the Shared list, select the folder you want to sync and click ‘Add to my OneDrive’.

3  If you have the OneDrive app installed on your PC or Mac, the folder will also sync down unless you have opted to only sync some folders in OneDrive settings.

4  The folder will also be accessible from your main OneDrive folder on OneDrive‍.com and on the OneDrive mobile app, if you have it installed.

You can sync shared folders on Windows 10, Windows 7 and Mac.

Preview of Dynamics NAV 2016


Microsoft announced Dynamics NAV 2016 on July 15 at Worldwide Partner Conference 2015.  It is slated to work with:

  • Power BI,
  • Azure SQL and
  • Dynamics CRM Online.

Some of the big fixes include improvements to usability and to  electronic invoicing.  There are changes to  workflow and to functionality to improve the user experience.  A test automation suite has been added for partners.

I am looking forward to getting more information on the 2016 NAV.