Pixlr for Photo Editing



Fig 1.  Picture is from website at https://pixlr.com/

I had about 100 pictures that I wanted to edit in some way.  I could not find a great way to do the editing with Microsoft’s Paint so I went online and asked for recommendations from my groups. 

I received lots of recommendations.  The one that seems the easiest and has the best formatting choices for me is a great free software called PIXLR. 

Pixlr provides you with a wide range of choices for using the software as noted below in Fig 2.


Fig 2. shows the different choices on the Pixlr site.

I use the desktop version which has lots of editing features as you can see in Fig 3.


Fig 3. shows the different editing features in Pixlr desktop.

The blog at http://pixlr.com/blog/ has lots of information on it as well as different contests. 

Until I finish going through all my photos, I will not be entering any contests. 


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