Dynamics AX 7




Dynamics AX 7 Release Info

The following information comes from the Blog at 365freelance.com (http://blog.365freelance.com/).

The final version of AX 7 is expected be announced at Convergence 2015 EMEA in Barcelona S (between November 30th and December 2nd). The pricing model will be announced as well.  General availability will follow Convergence.

At first, AX 7 will only be deployable on Azure through Lifecycle Services (LCS). This means that Dynamics AX consultants who haven’t used LCS yet will need to become familiar with it.

A list of resources referencing Dynamics AX 7 as of today:

Note:  Remember that links can change over time as servers and connections change.

How To Get The Best Book Deals And Free Books



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It is the end of the week, and as I look back on it, I realize what an amazing week it has been for me with technology, web information, and software.   I read books, a lot of books.  I love different genres including steampunk, science fiction, business, software, and mysteries.  And, I should not forget, action and adventure.  I was delighted this week when one of my friends sent me a link to BOOKBUB.  What is it?  Here is the information on the BOOKBUB site (www.bookbub.com).

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