Problem Accessing Content in the MSDN Library


If you have troubles accessing MSDN information, you are not alone.  Read more about it in this blog on the Dynamics NAV team blog…

It begins with…

“Some of you may have tried to access our content in the MSDN Library and seen an unexpected error message that the page is unavailable. This issue surfaced Wednesday, and it is taking the MSDN team longer than expected to find a fix to it.”

You can read the rest of it at the above link.


How To Fix Your iPhone if it is Acting Slow


The following information comes from Business Insider Tech and it is valuable information.  Go ahead and try it.


There’s a weird way to fix your iPhone if it’s acting slow — and it takes less than 30 seconds (AAPL)

by Maya Kosoff (|December 31, 2015

If your iPhone’s not properly displaying app updates or if it’s acting slow, there’s a weird — and incredibly simple — thing you can do that could fix it.

We first saw the trick over at AppAdvice, though the first person to discover it out appears to be developer Zachary Drayer.

Here’s what you do:

First, go into the App Store.

Then, tap one of the buttons at the bottom — it doesn’t matter which — 10 times quickly in succession. You must tap the same button 10 times.

Read the rest of the article here…

Welcome "Open Live Writer" Open Sourced From Windows Live Writer


For years now, I have used Windows Live Writer as my blogging tool.  I loved the convenience of writing blogs off line, and using the cut and paste function to get the pictures loaded.  I loved the ease of loading up to Blogger, and scheduling when the blogs would post.

Then, it all changed!  Google went to two step authorization for Blogger, and Windows Live Writer would no longer work.  I tried all the suggestions in blogs, forums, and in user groups.  I could not get my name and password to work.

Today, I found the replacement tool for Windows Live Writer. Scott Hanselman published a blog on December 9, announcing this cool tool. See his blog and get more information at  Thanks, Scott.

This blog is posted using Open Live Writer.

Have a great day!

What If We Had A Six Hour Work Day?



Figure 1 shows the headline from CBC.  See the whole interview at

Life is good.  What if we could work better because we only work six hours a day?  This article describes the benefits and looks at which countries are using this model.

Now Available – CU 10 for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3


CU 10 for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 has been released.  Dann Maurno of has published a blog that describes all of the new features.  Check out his blog at

The piece that I found interesting is the listing of features now available for Transportation Management.  The list below comes from Dann’s blog.

Transportation Management Enhancements

  • Create scheduled routes. Scheduled routes can now be generated from a route plan, where the segments of the scheduled route correspond to the hub configuration associated with the route plan. A batch job is used to create the scheduled routes depending on date range, particular days of the week and a load template.
  • Improvements to auto-release to warehouse process. When using the auto-release to warehouse process it is now possible to consolidate multiple transfer orders based on To warehouse and From warehouse into the same shipment.
  • Integration to project. It is now possible to plan transportation for purchase and sales orders linked to projects. It is possible to access the load planning workbench from the item requirements screen.

Great article, Dann!

Visual Studio 2015 Update Released

Eric Battalio blogged about the Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 this afternoon.  You can see his blog post at this link

Here is the shopping list of features that Eric provided.

Thanks, Eric, for making it easy for us to find information!

Find Out About NAVTechDays Held In Antwerp Belgium


If your company is a Microsoft Partner who specializes in Dynamics NAV, or if you belong to an end-user company that depends on Dynamics NAV to run the accounting, you should read Waldo’s blog about NAVTechDays 2015.  You can reach it with this link  

As a sidebar, check out Eric’s poll which is asking about your favourite features in Dynamics NAV 2016. 

Thanks for sharing, Eric!