Welcome "Open Live Writer" Open Sourced From Windows Live Writer


For years now, I have used Windows Live Writer as my blogging tool.  I loved the convenience of writing blogs off line, and using the cut and paste function to get the pictures loaded.  I loved the ease of loading up to Blogger, and scheduling when the blogs would post.

Then, it all changed!  Google went to two step authorization for Blogger, and Windows Live Writer would no longer work.  I tried all the suggestions in blogs, forums, and in user groups.  I could not get my name and password to work.

Today, I found the replacement tool for Windows Live Writer. Scott Hanselman published a blog on December 9, announcing this cool tool. See his blog and get more information at http://www.dotnetfoundation.org/blog/open-live-writer.  Thanks, Scott.

This blog is posted using Open Live Writer.

Have a great day!