Worth Knowing–When Can You Move A Windows License To New PC?


I never really thought about moving Windows licenses.  It isn’t something that I have to do.  However, How-To Geek posted a great article with the details on when you can move a Windows License to another computer.  See their article at http://www.howtogeek.com/261053/when-can-you-move-a-windows-license-to-a-new-pc/.

There is some basic information that all techies should know, but may be news to the majority of computer users. Did you know the following facts (in the article)?

  • When you get a computer that comes with Windows system preinstalled by the manufacturer, the Windows license will always remain tied to that computer.
  • There’s no exception to this, aside from the exception for replacing the computer’s motherboard if it failed, as discussed above
  • Manufacturers get these non-transferable licenses for less than you’d pay for a transferable license, hence the restriction.