Learn About Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017


Figure 1 – images from various sources

Microsoft has been on a role with releasing new software.  And, Dynamics NAV 2017 is looking very exciting for end users as well as developers. 

Lots of people have lots to say about it.  So, I put together a list of different blogs and articles that you might find as interesting as I did.  It can be a little light reading for the weekend.

1.  Waldo’s blog has some great details and some comments on the new opportunities.  See his information at http://www.waldo.be/2016/09/13/microsoft-dynamics-nav-2017-whats-new/

2. On the Community NAV blog, Tharanga Chandrasekara focuses on Microsoft’s release document on What’s New in NAV 2017.  It is a good read.  https://community.dynamics.com/nav/b/tharangacnavblog/archive/2016/09/17/what-is-new-in-microsoft-dynamics-nav-2017

3. If you are a developer, you may want to check out the info on the NAV TECH DAYS site at https://www.navtechdays.com/2016/sessions.  This covers things like “Building Extensions for NAV”, and Design Patterns in NAV 2017.

4.  To learn more about NAV 2017 Notifications, check out Roberto Stefanetti NAV Blog – https://robertostefanettinavblog.wordpress.com/category/nav-2017/

5.  If you are into Dynamics NAV technology and programming, you may want to check out the DIRECTIONS EMEA conference. It is being held Oct 12 to 14.  They are talking about the next best practices and the new features.  See the website. http://www.directionsemea.com/. “Join 1600 attendees who have already registered for THE BIGGEST NAV EVENT!”

Dynamics NAV 2017 is off to a rocking start!

How To Deploy Nano Server Found in Windows Server 2016 TP5


As technology gets more complicated and more exciting, Microsoft is positioning its software to work within a cloud framework as well as to be the cloud.

Back in May  2016, Microsoft released information on how to deploy the NANO server found in Windows Server 2016.

What is a Nano Server?

Nano Server is a deeply refactored version of Windows Server with a small footprint and remotely managed installation, optimized for the cloud and a DevOps workflow. It is designed for fewer patch and update events, faster restarts, better resource utilization and tighter security. – https://channel9.msdn.com/Series/NanoServer-Team

Install Nano Server

Today, Microsoft TechNet updated the information about Windows Server 2016 and about the Nano Server.  You can find that information here… https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server-docs/get-started/getting-started-with-nano-server.

How Can I Use Nano Server?

One of my questions has been – what good is a Nano Server?  Today, Microsoft had a good explanation about the many uses of the product.  This information is on that same link.

Nano Server is ideal for a number of scenarios:

  • As a “compute” host for Hyper-V virtual machines, either in clusters or not

  • As a storage host for Scale-Out File Server.

  • As a DNS server

  • As a web server running Internet Information Services (IIS)

  • As a host for applications that are developed using cloud application patterns and run in a container or virtual machine guest operating system


I like the idea that it can be a host for Hyper-V virtual machines.  This looks like a great tool for system administrators, and for those of us that like to poke around.

Dynamics NAV 2013 Has New Cumulative Updates Available as of September 2 2016


Figure 1 – Picture from an old Microsoft slide show

Dynamics NAV 2013 is part of the Dynamics NAV teams update efforts.  They have provided a cumulative update for each of Dynamics NAV 2013 R2, and Dynamics NAV 2013.  You can get the details of the builds and other information from the References below.

Where to find Cumulative Update 35 For NAV 2013 R2

You can download the cumulative update from KB 3188238 – Cumulative Update 35 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 (Build 46774).


Where to find Cumulative Update 42 for NAV 2013

You can download the cumulative update from KB 3188237 – Cumulative Update 42 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 (Build 46772).


1. https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/nav/2016/09/02/cumulative-update-42-for-microsoft-dynamics-nav-2013-has-been-released/

2. https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/nav/2016/09/02/cumulative-update-35-for-microsoft-dynamics-nav-2013-r2-has-been-released/

Where to find Cumulative Update 23 for Dynamics NAV 2015


Figure 1 – picture from msdynamics.es

Yes!  We have more cumulative updates for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015.  This update was released on September 2, 2016 as announced in the NAV team blog at https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/nav/2016/09/02/cumulative-update-23-for-microsoft-dynamics-nav-2015-has-been-released/.

You can find this update at  KB 3188239 – Cumulative Update 23 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 (Build 46765).  

There is a very important note on the blog.  It says:

Note: You must convert the database if you are upgrading to this cumulative update from a cumulative update earlier than Cumulative Update 9 (build 41779). For more information, see Converting a Database in Help for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Good luck with your update!

Cumulative Update 11 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 Now Available



Figure 1 – from an email from a friend

The Dynamics NAV team announced on September 2, 2016 that the Cumulative Update 11 is available and that it includes all application and platform hotfixes and regulatory features that have been released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016.

The cumulative update includes hotfixes that apply to all countries and hotfixes specific to the following local versions:

  •   AU – Australia
  •   AT – Austria
  •   BE – Belgium
  •   CH – Switzerland
  •   CZ – Czech Republic
  •   DE – Germany
  •   DK – Denmark
  •   ES – Spain
  •   FI  – Finland
  •   FR – France
  •   IS – Iceland
  •   IT – Italy
  •   NA – North America
  •   NL – Netherlands
  •   NO – Norway
  •   NZ – New Zealand
  •   RU – Russia
  •   SE – Sweden
  •   UK – United Kingdom

Where to find Cumulative Update 11

You can download the cumulative update from KB 3188240 Cumulative Update 11 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 (Build 46773).

Please see the NAV team blog at https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/nav/2016/09/02/cumulative-update-11-for-microsoft-dynamics-nav-2016-has-been-released/ for more details.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Business Edition


When is Dynamics 365 Business Edition Available?

Dynamics 365 – Business Edition is scheduled to be available in Canada and the US sometime in October 2016.


What is the Base Software?

The Business Edition  will be based on Dynamics CRM and a NAV-type Finance and ERP application, optimized for 10-99 employee SMBs.

The Business Edition is made up of 3 parts:


Dynamics 365 for Financials – NAV-based (what was called Project Madeira). A release for the US and Canada will go live in October 2016, with 4 countries (the UK is strongly expected to be one of them) in EMEA and APAC likely to be Feb-March 2017 (unconfirmed).

Dynamics 365 for Sales (no firm dates have been announced when this is likely to be released, but sometime in 2017)

Dynamics 365 for Marketing (again no firm dates – likely sometime in 2017)


Why Is This Exciting?

Some companies are wanting their CRM and ERP systems to be totally cloud based.  This eliminates a technology worry around software errors and who will solve them, as well as ensuring the software stays up to date since the cloud provider manages the updates and upgrades.  Hotfixes will be applied to proactively deal with errors. 


1.  www.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics/dynamics-365

2.   www.365talentportal.com/blog/nav-2017-project-madeira-and-dynamics-365-update-microsofts-erp-roadmap-for-the-next-12-months/

3.  https://blogs.microsoft.com/blog/2016/07/06/turning-business-process-into-business-advantage-for-organizations-everywhere/#sm.000lnawap16dqcztpm61rym3p1s4c

"Introducing Microsoft Power BI" and Other Free Books at Microsoft Virtual Academy


Figure 1 – Some of the books available at Microsoft Virtual Academy

Last week, Microsoft announced that users of the Microsoft Virtual Academy had access to fee books.  There are a lot of books available.  Some of the key titles are:

Introducing Microsoft Power BI
Migrating SQL Server Databases to Azure
Windows 10 IT Pro Essentials Support Secrets

Planning and Preparing for Microsoft SharePoint Hybrid

Introducing Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview

Deploying Windows 10: Automating deployment by using System Center Configuration Manager

You can access the ebooks at https://mva.microsoft.com/ebooks.  You will need to make this a priority because they may only be available for a limited time.

Microsoft Office 2016 New Features Include Power BI And SQL Server Database Connector


Figure 1 – from technewstoday.com

Sandy Stachowiak posted a great article on 10 New Microsoft Office 2016 Features to Increase Productivity at http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/10-new-microsoft-office-2016-features-increase-productivity/.

You can read her blog in detail as she does a great job of highlighting new features.  The big features for Dynamics ERP users is the feature for NEW AND IMPROVED CONNECTION options.  Here is what she says.

Connectivity for Excel

You can import data from SAP HANA databases, SharePoint folders, and online services such as Salesforce Objects or Reports. Select Data > New Query and then make the appropriate selection from the drop-down box.

The connectors for IBM DB2 and SQL Server Database have been improved as well. For IBM DB2 you can now choose the Microsoft driver and for SQL Server Database you can include schema information as part of the navigation hierarchy.



Connect Excel To Power BI with Publish

Power BI is a service that can transform your data into interactive reports. Using the business dashboard, you can monitor, analyze, and build models easily. Select File > Publish to upload workbooks or export workbook data directly to and from Power BI.


Note that the service requires that you have a OneDrive for Business subscription.

New Features Added to OneNote


Figure 1 – Graphic from https://www.onenote.com/clipper

As you know, if you read my blog, I am a fan of OneNote.  One of the reasons I am a fan is that in Dynamics NAV, you can send information from NAV to OneNote.

The features that Microsoft  added in July are making me an avid supporter of OneNote.  The first feature is INK EFFECTS.  The feature allows users to jazz up  notes and drawings with new ink effects like rainbow, galaxy, gold and silver to make anything that is  written is more unique and even more fun.

The second feature is OneNote Web Clipper.  The information below comes from https://blogs.office.com/2016/07/21/onenote-july-roundup.

Our OneNote Web Clipper is better than ever. We have a number of new features on our Web Clipper for Chrome, Safari, and IE to give you more control over your screen clippings before you send it into OneNote.

Preview—Ever wonder exactly what was about to show up in OneNote once you clipped? Problem solved! Now all clipping modes—full page, region, article, recipe and product—provide a preview so what you see is what you get.

YouTube and Vimeo support—You can now clip videos from YouTube and Vimeo pages into OneNote.

Highlight text—When you clip an article, product or recipe you can highlight sections of text, and those highlights will be saved to OneNote.

Clip multiple regions in one go—Clip multiple regions of a webpage and save them all in a single OneNote page.

Use your own title—Change the title of your page in the preview window before sending it to OneNote.

Articles your way—Change the font size and type in your article to improve readability before you even clip it to OneNote.

Update to the latest version to see all the new features or download the extension at www.onenote.com/clipper.

I love the web clipper and have it on my Chrome browser.  I use it almost every day to clip and pop information into my OneNote. I use it to keep track of things I think might be good information  in a blog. Smile