Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Business Edition


When is Dynamics 365 Business Edition Available?

Dynamics 365 – Business Edition is scheduled to be available in Canada and the US sometime in October 2016.


What is the Base Software?

The Business Edition  will be based on Dynamics CRM and a NAV-type Finance and ERP application, optimized for 10-99 employee SMBs.

The Business Edition is made up of 3 parts:


Dynamics 365 for Financials – NAV-based (what was called Project Madeira). A release for the US and Canada will go live in October 2016, with 4 countries (the UK is strongly expected to be one of them) in EMEA and APAC likely to be Feb-March 2017 (unconfirmed).

Dynamics 365 for Sales (no firm dates have been announced when this is likely to be released, but sometime in 2017)

Dynamics 365 for Marketing (again no firm dates – likely sometime in 2017)


Why Is This Exciting?

Some companies are wanting their CRM and ERP systems to be totally cloud based.  This eliminates a technology worry around software errors and who will solve them, as well as ensuring the software stays up to date since the cloud provider manages the updates and upgrades.  Hotfixes will be applied to proactively deal with errors.