How To Deploy Nano Server Found in Windows Server 2016 TP5


As technology gets more complicated and more exciting, Microsoft is positioning its software to work within a cloud framework as well as to be the cloud.

Back in May  2016, Microsoft released information on how to deploy the NANO server found in Windows Server 2016.

What is a Nano Server?

Nano Server is a deeply refactored version of Windows Server with a small footprint and remotely managed installation, optimized for the cloud and a DevOps workflow. It is designed for fewer patch and update events, faster restarts, better resource utilization and tighter security. –

Install Nano Server

Today, Microsoft TechNet updated the information about Windows Server 2016 and about the Nano Server.  You can find that information here…

How Can I Use Nano Server?

One of my questions has been – what good is a Nano Server?  Today, Microsoft had a good explanation about the many uses of the product.  This information is on that same link.

Nano Server is ideal for a number of scenarios:

  • As a “compute” host for Hyper-V virtual machines, either in clusters or not

  • As a storage host for Scale-Out File Server.

  • As a DNS server

  • As a web server running Internet Information Services (IIS)

  • As a host for applications that are developed using cloud application patterns and run in a container or virtual machine guest operating system


I like the idea that it can be a host for Hyper-V virtual machines.  This looks like a great tool for system administrators, and for those of us that like to poke around.