New Build of Windows Server 2019


Another build of the Windows Server 2019 preview for Windows Insiders was released on June 19 2018. As you may remember, Windows Server 2019 was announced a couple months ago and will be generally available later this year.

With the current Windows Server 2019 preview build, System Insights users can:

  • Browse through predictive capabilities, and either invoke a capability on-demand or configure it to run it on a periodic schedule.
  • Visualize prediction outcomes to intuitively understand capacity consumption trends.
  • Set custom remediation jobs to automatically run after a capability generates a specific result, helping users automatically mitigate the issues detected by the predictive capabilities.
  • View and understand how capacity predictions from an individual Windows Server are trending over a period of time.
  • Use PowerShell on remote instances to aggregate prediction outcomes reported by a fleet of related Windows Server instances – e.g. cluster, application tier, rack, and data center – to understand how the fleet overall is trending along compute, storage, or network capacity dimensions.

Download the preview of Windows Server 2019 at

Gmail Changes Happen in July 2018


New Gmail was released back in April 2018.  Now, in July, Gmail will roll out all the new changes.

Here are some of the new features:

  • Self destructing emails
  • Ability to open attachments directly from your inbox
  • Inline reminders to follow-up
  • Smart replies on the desktop
  • Gmail now lets you “snooze” emails from your inbox without any third party tools.

Check out the article, “The 8 Best Features in the New Gmail” if you want more information on the features.

How To – .XML Files


Increasingly, I need to work with .xml files that are produced from cloud based software.  The .xml files frustrate people from time to time because they don’t produce what we expect, especially when we try to use them with Excel.

Here is an excellent write up on using XML files by Brady Gavin.